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1- No work will be recommended which will reduce the value of your antique, without discussion with you and setting all the options before you.

2- No work will be undertaken which is requested by a customer which will reduce the value of an item, or alter its character, without written direction from the customer.

3- Only the most period correct methods will be used where they are vital, and all other methods used will be evaluated in the light of the over-riding considerations of reversibility. Non-reversible methods of work will be used only where immaterial to the end product.

4- Details of all work performed will be included in the final invoice and described in detail. Any item that seriously reflects on the value of the piece will be highlighted.

5- Work will be performed as expeditiously as possible, having due regard to the need for acclimatization of the repairs. The Old Woodworks will be the final judge of this item, and no piece will be released unless sufficient time has elapsed to reduce any possibility of negative reaction in the piece.